Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Tutorials

I have been contemplating writing a post on the difficulties of creating written tutorials for art. The tutorial you have been following of the portrait of Tanna is the first tutorial that I have created. It is not an easy process.

Thanks to one of my favorite art bloggers, I do not have to create that tutorial any more. She has done it for me. Jeanette of Illustrated Life has described in detail all of the frustrations and problems that go into creating one of these in a recent post called Creating tutorials.

I think that once I am finished with the tutorial of Tanna's portrait, I am going to create a series of video tutorials. I have worked with film before and it has it's own set of issues and frustrations, but I think the end result will provide a lot more information than the written tutorial is providing so far.

Please take a look at Jeanette's blog. Her work is wonderful and you will be very happy that you visited.

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