Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tanna - A portrait

I am going to be a bit scarce for the next week. We are packing up our motor home and heading to Missouri for the summer. We take off tomorrow and are heading through the desert. We likely won't have access to the internet until we get there sometime at the end of this week, maybe not until next weekend.

In the mean time, I want to show you what we are going to be working on for the next few lessons. This is Tanna Anne. We met this young woman last weekend and I knew right away that I had to do a portrait of her. She has so much personality and innocence that her eye's even smile. :-)

We will be going through the process step by step starting with the eyes. I am about halfway finished this the portrait now and have been taking pictures along the way. This is where I currently am, I hope to have it finished by the time we start our next lesson.

After spending a lot of time examining this drawing I have found many places where I made some pretty bad mistakes. The next time I sit down to work on this I plan on trying to fix many of those mistakes. At one point in the lessons I will talk about what to do when you realize you have really been going down the wrong path in a project.

If you would like to get started, feel free to download the image, it should be 12" wide, and work on transferring it to your art paper. If you need advice on how to get started, one of the previous lessons was Creating the Initial Sketch.

The next time I talk to you, I will no longer be in sunny Southern California. Instead, I will be in the heavy thunderstorms of South West Missouri.

See you all when I get there. :-)


Unknown said...

Well I am going to have a go as I like your blog My first outline is at
Ill give you some background I started drawing in june,my main reference has been Drawing on the right side of the brain.
So I have used a view finder 5.25 * 7 and drew the picture upside down.
Do you think if I scaled the picture down to fit my frame it would be to small.As you can see I have at the moment only fitted the face in.Did you specifically choose the background

Lilly said...

Hi Patrick,

When we took the picture I asked Tanna to stand in front of the rack of clothes so that they would be in the background. The picture was taken in a small clothing shop in Southern California.

The Right Side of the Brain is an excellent resource for learning to draw and I recommend it for anyone.

As far as scaling the image down to fit your frame, the decision is entirely yours, since it is your artistic expression that is interpreting the photograph. I will say, however, that scaling the image down that small may end up with loss of detail. The larger you make your image the more detail you will be able to create.

You mentioned in another commend wanting to see like artists see. The real key is to start looking at things and notice all of the detail. Start by looking at a leaf or even just a pencil. Pay close attention to every single detail. Notice how the light reflects and casts shadows. Notice how the difference nuances of color combine to create what your brain thinks is a solid color. The more you start looking at things like that, the more it will come naturally and you will begin to notice things in life that you never even knew existed.