Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date

After I started this blog I met some wonderful artists online that do a monthly sketch. Someone volunteers an image and then everyone else does a piece of artwork based on that image. I am very happy to have become a part of the Virtual Sketch Date this month. The original image was provide by Jennifer Rose Phillip of Fuzzy Dragons.

Here are links to the work that other artists have done with this project:
When I saw the original image I decided that I wanted the two largest flowers to dominate the rest of the image. So I cropped it in such a way that the flowers appear to be bursting out of their boundaries. This image was done in Prismacolor colored pencil. I used two yellows, one orange, one brown, four greens and a cool gray 90%. I used Strathmore 300 series Bristol smooth paper.

I made a huge mistake on this image that I will make sure I never do again. I should have done an underpainting of water color before I started with the colored pencil. But I was in a hurry and skipped that step. As a result, the cream color of the paper is showing through all over the entire work. But, that is why we do our art. To learn from the mistakes we make so that we can make the next one better. I learned my lesson with this one.

But, even with that mistake, I am still fairly pleased with the end result. I love the vibrant colors that you can get with Prismacolor.


Rose Welty said...

Michael, this is really nice. Even without the watercolor base, I'd say you got pretty good color saturation - at least virtually :D. I like the bursting out idea.

"JeanneG" said...

How clever to make the two blooms bursting out. Very good job. I really like it.

kay susan said...

Michael, this is really eyecatching! You got loads of colour in there. I think it's time I bought some really good pencils! I too like the way the flowers overlap the 'frame'.

Teresa said...

Beautiful! Rich eye-popping color and great composition.

Lilly said...

Thanks Rose, the technique that I use with colored pencil uses a LOT of pigment. My goal in a finished piece is that there should not be any specks of paper showing through. I like to actually "paint" with them.

Jeanneg, I learned about using the burst technique a few years ago when I was studying comic book art. If you draw the image with something bursting out of the panel it adds an element of action to it that would not be there if you stayed within the constraints of the panel.

Kay susan, Thanks for the compliment. I have to say that using good quality pencils makes a huge difference in my work. Between colored pencil and watercolor pencil I currently have about $500 worth. It is a lot of money and my techniques go through them pretty fast, but it is well worth it to me.

Teresa, thanks. Eye popping color is one of the reason I like working with this medium so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Love the way the lily overlaps the border.
And, man o man, nice color saturation!
This, too, is a finished drawing...way more than a sketch!

Jennifer Rose said...

very vibrant colours! This is very pretty, and a good choice to have the flowers bursting from the page :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Wow Michael i really like what you have done with the composition this is really nice :)

Jo Castillo said...

Michael, another WOW here. Love the comp and the beautiful color.

Paulette said...

Hi Michael,
Excellent work! Love the drama!

Stacy said...

Michael, I love what you did here. Great composition and color. The shadowed areas of the yellow are well done. I don't see any mistakes here.