Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bit of a Slump

I haven't been posting much lately. I have been in a bit of a slump artistically. When I was growing up, I lived out in the middle of the woods. A quite a way from any civilization. Sometimes in the winter we would get snowed in and not able to get into town for days of even weeks at a time. I often suffered from Cabin Fever. That is sort of what I am in now. I am kind of stuck in a life situation that has me wanting nothing more than to get out, but for now that can't happen. Mainly because of lack of money. I am sure everyone can relate to that.

Anyway, when I am in this sort of slump I really have a hard time being creative. I KNOW I should do art work. I even want to do the art work. There is no lack of inspiration. I have tons of ideas of things that I want to do. The problem is I have no motivation. None, nada, zilch. My wife and I were talking about it this afternoon. We are both it the same rut and when you get in a rut it is really hard to get out.

So, my plan at this point is to at least start one of the art pieces that I have been thinking about. It will either be watercolor or pastel, I don't know yet which one will call to me the most. I suspect it is going to be watercolor and I suspect that I am going to do something small. I have been working on a larger scale for many years now. So, doing something small might be in order.

Well, with any luck, you will see something here tomorrow where I have at least started something. See you then.


Jeanette Jobson said...

Oh, I can so identify with this Michael. And we've all been there at one stage or another. I think summer makes it more difficult for art as there are so many other things taking your attention away from it. The garden, being outdoors, travelling, etc.

I try to spend some time wandering other inspirational art sites, go out to a park or coffee shop and do a little sketching, make thumbnail sketches of potential drawings, on and on. Or self portraits, they're always interesting. Suddenly one day inspiration strikes and I'm back at it again.

Often you just need to take some time away from drawing now and then and go do something entirely different for awhile.

I know your slump won't last long.

Lilly said...

Jeanette, thanks for the the words of wisdom. I mentioned to Rose in a reply a moment ago that there are many things that have been contributing to my 'slump.' Kylie and I are making strides to get us back into a situation that is much less stressful.

Another issue that that my body is used to getting several daily supplements. I have actually missed over a week. As a result, I am certain that my blood pressure is back up. So, I started taking my vitamins again today. I do believe that will go a long way to helping.

When we were in California I used to go to a coffee shop a LOT to do art work. I love doing it. Unfortunately, there is not a coffee shop in this town. There are three small cafes, but all three of them are so filled with cigarette smoke that I can't stand to be in them.

The weather is supposed to start cooling off tomorrow. With any luck, it might get cool enough that photo trips might be an option, walks in the park. We are thinking about going to the Zoo this weekend. Who knows? Maybe I will find some incredible inspiration there. :)

terricreates said...

I wish I could say I am in a slump. I am trying to get motivated and have my own art 'style'. I have no clue as to what it might be. I think I would agree with you and the change of scenery would be great. I find when taking photographs, just a different place in different weather a different day of the week makes so much difference. I went to a botannical garden for the 2nd time and was amazed. I took nearly 500 photos. I felt great when I left and couldn't wait to look at them. Thinking the entire time, what would I paint or draw, or draw digitally with Corel and Photoshop. I like your art keep it up.