Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pencil portrait supplies

I have been getting emails from people asking where the best place to get supplies is and exactly which ones to get. So, I decided to simply post links on the blog directly to the products that I use. They are on, but they are the exact same products you get at art supply stores, and quite frankly, most of them are cheaper on Amazon.

Remember, you do NOT have to spend a lot of money to do wonderful works of art. These are products that you will want if you are ready to take you art to the next level. They are for the point where you look at your work and you want more detail and contrast than you have had before, or if you want the flexibility that these products provide. For instance, I used to do some really cool stuff with a standard number 2 pencil and some copy paper. But there is no way I could have done the portraits that I do now with those tools. The graphite in those pencils simply isn't workable enough.

In order to get to the shopping pages simply click on one of the products listed on the left bar. It will take you to an Amazon shopping cart that I have setup for you to use.

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