Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Real World of Pencil Portraits

Since I created this site I have received countless requests to publish my lessons in a book that people could take with them or give to loved ones as gifts. You have all encouraged me with your feedback on my pencil portrait lessons, and as I result, I have given you what you have asked for. This is the first in an upcoming series of art instruction books.

Art doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. Artistic ability doesn’t have to be granted from a divine being. This series of books will show you how to make art simple. You will be able to create wonderful works of art that your friends and family will cherish forever, and all you will need is to learn a few simple techniques and understand a few simple concepts.

So here it is! The first in the “Real World of Art” series: “The Real World of Pencil Portraits.

You can learn more about the book from either the publisher’s web site at Real World Book Publishing, or at Amazon.

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Tim M Wilson said...

Michael, you've got some great work here!

I grew up in Missouri as well- from the age of 12 on anyway and still live here in St. Louis.

A couple days back I was fortunate enough to acquire the domain name "" That term got 1,600 searches in the US last month.

That domain name (being an exact match for the search term) could easily put you on the first page of Google. I just put it up for sale at $1,500 which you can see by going to that web address which is currently parked.

Nope- I don't want any money for it from you even though it could get your book and work seen far than present more and have you doing more portraits as well- if you want that.

No money up front anyway, but how about this- if I let you use it, would you pay me a monthly fee from additional revenue it created for you once it had you on Google's first page for the term?

It would have to be very good for your new book sales.

Yes, I am being for real, and yes, I really do own that domain and can prove both. Get back with me if you want to discuss details.

Tim Wilson 314 776 6580