About the Author

Lilly Michele Allison a.k.a. Michael (Michele) Brinkley grew up in a small town in Southeast Missouri. One winter, while living on the top of a small mountain, she and her family were snowed in for three months. During that time she had little to do to keep herself occupied, so she started to draw Disney cartoon characters. That began a life-long love of art. She spent the next 35 years learning every art medium she could think of and she came to realize that creating art is simply a series of steps using specific techniques. The trick, she thought, was to learn how to see before learning how to draw. That realization brought the understanding that absolutely anyone can create incredible works of art, all they need to do is learn a few simple techniques and believe in themselves.

She is now working on a series of books that teach the reader how to see what it is that they are drawing and painting. The readers come to understand that they are not recreating objects in their art, but rather reproducing light and shadow. They realize that art is an illusion and the artist is a magician. They learn how the mind works and they use that knowledge to improve their work.