This first image is Tanna. She is the subject of the book, The Real World of Pencil Portraits. I met her in Oceanside California and the moment I saw her I knew she was going to be on the cover of my book.

Angelina Jolie has to be the most popular celebrity for portrait artists. This drawing was my second attempt to create a pencil portrait. I was rather pleased with the result. A good twenty five percent to the drawing was created using a graphite coated tortillion and was never even touched by a pencil.

 Nicole Kidman was my first portrait subject. I chose her because of the elegance and sophistication that she exudes. She is a beautiful person and I wanted to capture that beauty with graphite.

Sarah Soliz. There are many incredible people in the world. They are the ones you meet that have an everlasting effect on your entire life. Sarah is one of those people. My life will always be better for having her in it.