No matter what task you are doing, you always need the right tools to get the job done right.  This lesson covers all of the tools you will need for creating the artwork presented in these lessons.

Before you can start you portrait you must have your initial sketch on paper.  This lesson provides useful techniques that artsists have used for centuries.

The primary obstacle in creating realistic artwork is the human brain.  This lesson explains why.

This lesson is the first in a four part series about drawing realistic eyes.  Here we discuss many problem areas and some common mistakes than many artists make.

Eyes are wet but you are using dry paper and pencil.  This lesson shows techniques for creating the illusion brings true realism to portraits.

An eye floating on a piece of paper without a face attached to it is not very appealing.  This lesson shows you how to create the shadows of the face and lay the foundation for the final touches.

No one has perfect skin.  There are freckles, wrinkles and blemishes.  Learn how to include those in your portrait to create stunning detail.

These lessons and more are available in The Real Wold of Pencil Portraits.  Learn to create a portrait, step by step, from blank paper to stunning realism.

Colored Pencil Rose
Starting to move from graphite into color, this tutorial talks about how to get rich vivid colors from colored pencils.